The Emperor's New Clothes
旁白: Once upon a time, in a faraway place there lived an Emperor. This Emperor was very strange. He didn’t like to ride horses.…… He didn’t like to go fishing.……He didn’t like to watch TV.……He didn’t like to play computer games.……
男生: Oh, what did he like?   女生:He liked only new clothes.
旁白: Every day, he wanted to wear some new clothes and walk in the streets.
Part 1      
侍A:Your new suit has arrived, your Majesty. (您的新衣服到了,陛下。)
皇帝:Great, help me on with it. [仆人帮国王穿衣]……Well, what do you think? [得意地照镜子]
侍A:Oh, it looks good, your Majesty. (这样子看起来,真太棒了,陛下)
侍B:Very becoming, your Majesty. (真太合适您了,陛下)
臣M:Very nice, your Majesty.. (真太漂亮了,陛下)    臣N:So cool, your Majesty. (真太酷了,陛下)  [大臣们也跟着附和]
Part 2
旁白: All the tailors in the country worked very hard and made new clothes for him. But he was never satisfied with anything less than the best. ——[裁缝们出场,并且交头接耳、议论纷纷]
裁缝1:I heard that the Emperor was not quite satisfied with the new suit. (我听说皇帝陛下对这次的新衣服不太满意)
裁缝2:What should we do, then? Who has new ideas?  (那我们接着该怎么办?)
裁缝3:Oh, I don’t know.  How about you? [用手肘碰了碰旁边的裁缝4并问道……] (噢,我可不知道。咦,你觉得该怎么办呢?)
裁缝4:You know, I would do anything before that. (你们知道的,我宁愿去做任何事情,也不想再做裁缝了)
裁缝5:Quiet! Mind your head. (小声点,当心你.的脑袋!)
Part 3
旁白: News of the Emperor spread far and wide. One day, two men came to the palace. They were not tailors, they were liars. They wanted to make some money. They asked to meet the Emperor. —— 骗子和Chamberlain (内臣) x出场
骗俩:We have something very special to show him.  (我们有很特别的东西想要呈上)
臣X:That's what everyone says.  (每个人都是这样说的,可国王不是谁都接见的)
骗A:Ah, but this is different from all others. (噢,但这个可是与众不同的,)
骗B:Yes, it’s magical. We have invented a new cloth by using a very special and secret method.
臣X:Really? Uhum! Wait, wait here.   (真的吗?嗯~~那好吧,你们先在这儿等着)
骗俩:Oh, thanks so much.  (噢,真太感谢了)
臣X:Two men have been inquiring for you, your Majesty. (国王陛下,有两个人想要见您)
皇帝::What do they want to see me about? (他们为何事求见我?)  [内X走到皇帝跟前,冲着皇帝的耳朵窃窃私语了一阵。]
皇帝::Something magical?[瞪大眼睛,难以置信地问道] Oh, I love new things. Ask them in. (我喜欢新奇的玩意儿,快请他们进来)
臣X:Come with me, please.  (请随我来)                             骗俩:Thank you.  (谢谢)
Part 4
骗俩:We can make magic cloth. Only clear people can see the magic cloth.Stupid people can’t see it, your Majesty.
皇帝:How wonderful!It can show me who was clever and who was stupid.
众臣:Oh, that's a good idea, your Majesty. (噢,这真是个好点子!)——[大臣们纷纷奉承着]
皇帝:Make a suit for me with the magic cloth. I’m going to wear it on New Year’s Day.
骗俩:Oh yes. We’ll make the most beautiful siut for you, my Majesty. (是的,我们将为您做一身最华丽的衣服)
臣M:Wow, how terrific!   (哇~,真太妙了!)                臣N:Oh, this is so cool!   (噢,真是酷毙了!)
 [众臣在私下小声地谈论着,并不时地点着头。 这时,皇帝咳了两声,众臣立刻安静下来,于是皇帝接着问……]
皇帝:[皇帝咳了两声] Can it be ready in time?  (你们能按时完工吗?)
骗B:Of course. (当然没问题) [接着有些迟疑的说]  But, but……(但是,但是……)
皇帝:But? But what?  (但是什么?)
骗A:But there is a problem. The cloth is very expensive to make. (只不过,这种神奇布料的制作成本是比较高的。)
骗B:Yes, yes!  (对,对,对!)   [一边说,一边猛点着头]
骗A:This cloth is fashioned from lots of silk丝绸.          骗B:And gold……[悄悄地扯了扯A的衣角,补充道]
骗A:Diamonds 钻石.,peals 珍珠.                     骗B:And gold…… [在一旁着急地补充这说]
骗A:Finest gems 最好的宝石.                          骗B:And gold……[急地都快要叫起来了]
骗A:And, of course, gold 金子. (当然,还需要很多的金子)         [骗B终于笑了,且满意地点了点头]
皇帝:Don’t worry. Money is no object. (别担心,钱方面不成问题!)
皇帝:At once, make it here in the palace. (你们就留在宫里,马上开始做衣服吧!)       骗俩:Oh yes, my Majesty.
Part 5【音乐、舞蹈】
旁白:They measured the emperor for a suit.And then, they started make the magic cloth in their workroom.They stayed in
the room all the day and everyone thought they were working very hard.
Part 6
旁白:One day, the Emperor couldn't wait to see the magic cloth.  He went to their workroom and threw the doors open. 
[皇帝不住地揉着眼睛,两个骗子装模做样] music《突击检查》from《黎明前到达》
皇帝:Where is the magic cloth? (那魔法布匹在哪儿呀?) [皇帝不住地揉着眼睛]
骗A:Come here, you will see more clearly.  (这边来,您会看得清楚些)
骗A:Look at the colors, feel the weight. (瞧瞧这颜色,掂掂着重量)
骗B:Is it not beautiful? (这难道不漂亮?) 
骗A:Now you can see why it is magical. Only cleaver people can see it. Stupid people can’t see it.
骗B:Most people would see an empty loom, but a clever man like you will see our wonderful cloth.    皇帝:Of course.
Part 7
旁白: The Emperor was very worried because he couldn’t see the magic cloth. Was he not clever enough to see it?
He thought and thought.   [皇帝来来回回地在房里走了很久很久]
皇帝:I will ask the Minister to go and see the choth. Good idea! (我可以叫内臣去看看那些神奇的布料,这可真是个好点子)
皇帝:Minister, Minister! [皇帝大声地唤着内臣]
臣Y:I’m here, your Majesty. (国王陛下,有何吩咐。)
皇帝:Go to the workroom and see how the cloth is processing. (你去织布房瞧瞧,看看。)
臣Y:Enter! (遵命)
Part 8
臣Y:The Emperor has sent me to check on the progress. (皇帝陛下让我来看看你们的进度如何了。)
骗A:Come here, you will see more clearly.  (这边来,您会看得清楚些)
旁白:The Minister only saw the empty loom. [大臣忍不住地揉着眼睛]
骗A:Look at the colors, feel the weight. (瞧瞧这颜色,掂掂着重量)
骗B:Is it not beautiful? (这难道不漂亮?)
骗A:Now you can see why it is magical. Only clever people can see it. Stupid people can’t see it.
骗B:Most people would see an empty loom, but a clever man like you will see our magic cloth.
臣Y:Of course. It really is quite beautiful. (当然啦!它实在是太美了。)    
骗俩:Oh, you are so wise. (您真是个充满智慧的人!)
旁白: The Minister could not see the cloth either. But he was afraid to tell truth.He came back.
皇帝:How do you think about the cloth? (你觉得那布料怎么样?) [皇帝迫不及待地问内臣]
臣Y:It’s the most beautiful cloth in the world. (它真是世界上最最最美的布料!)
皇帝:Great! (很好!) [皇帝听完了内臣的话后,非常高兴]
旁白:On the New Year’s Day. The new suit was ready.
侍A:Here it is, your Majesty. (您的衣服,陛下) [侍从为皇帝呈上新衣]
皇帝:Oh, wonderful! help me on with it. (真太棒了!快帮我穿上它。) [侍从们装模作样地帮皇帝穿上新衣]
皇帝:How do I look? (我看上去怎么样呀?)
臣N:Handsomest! (帅呆了!)        臣M:How beautiful!(太完美了!)
皇帝:Really? (真的吗?)             众人:Yes, your Majesty. (是的,陛下。)
Part 11
旁白:It was New Year’s Day. There were many people in the street. They wanted to see the Emperor’s new suit.
Finally, the Emperor came. [皇帝赤身裸体且大摇大摆地出场,侍从跟在后面装模作样地牵着衣摆,街上所有的人都很吃惊]
群1:What a suit!      群2:Oh. How beautiful.    群3:What a lovely.       群4:Wow! How handsome.
男孩:What suit? (什么衣服呀?) [小男孩在人群中张望着]
男孩:Mom! The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!(妈妈!皇帝根本没穿任何衣服呀?)  [小男孩扯了扯妈妈的衣角,不解地问道]
妈妈:Be quiet, Tom. (小声点,汤姆!)
男孩:It's true! No clothes! The Emperor is naked! (是真的,真的没穿衣服!国王是赤身裸体的!) [小男孩争辩地说]
群众:The Emperor is naked! (国王是赤身裸体的!) ——The Emperor is naked!—— The Emperor is naked!
旁白:Everyone knew it. And people began to laugh. The Emperor ran back to his palace and never came out again.




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