Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

----旁白:A long time ago, there was a queen. She had a pretty daughter named Snow White. Soon after the child was born, the queen died. The king married another queen. The stepmother didn’t like her very much. She made Snow White do the housework all day and all night.
----白雪出场 1 ( 扫地,做清洁.)
白雪:My name is Snow White , I am a beautiful princess, I miss my mother so much, (双手交叉放胸前)
Where is my mother? Where is my mother?(左右跑,找妈妈,忧郁状)
----皇后出场1(气势! 一甩披风)
皇后:  I’m the new queen. I’m very beautiful. you see. If anyone is more beautiful than me, I’ll kill her.
 Now, mirror, mirror, come here!(披着个长黑披风出场,凶狠,霸道,语速慢,但要先傲后狠)
魔镜:Yes, I’m coming.
皇后:Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the most beautiful?(可以拿镜子)
魔镜:You are beautiful. But there is a young lady. She is as white as snow, as red as rose. 
She is more beautiful than you.
皇后:She is more beautiful than me?  Who is she?  Tell me quickly.(紧皱眉头,怀疑的口吻)
魔镜:Yes.  She is Snow White.
皇后:Snow White? (生气地马上起身) No!Hunter, come here, come here!
--- 猎人出场 (拿着刀,走着正步入场,表情严肃)
猎人:Yes. I’m here .
皇后:Hunter! Take Snow White to pick some flowers.  Find a place and kill her. (语调缓慢,平平)
猎人:Oh no !she is the princess. …(惊恐状,想拒绝)
皇后:No, Kill her. Bring her heart to me. I don’t want to see her again.(猛转身背对猎人,发布命令)
猎人:Yes! (迫于皇后的威严,无奈)
皇后:(顺手拿起一个盒子交给猎人)Here is a box. You must bring her heart to me..
猎人:Yes! (猎人无奈,屈膝接盒)
白雪:( 高兴地摘花 ) One flower, two flowers, three flowers…. How many flowers!  How beautiful!
猎人:( 慢慢地拔出刀,但犹豫着说 ) Oh! My God! She is so lovely! I can’t kill her! I can’t!
白雪:( 看到后大声哭叫)What are you doing? Why do you kill me?
猎人:( 很不忍心地说) I’m very sorry. Someone wants me to kill you.
白雪:But who?       猎人:The queen.
白雪:But why?       猎人:You are more beautiful than her.
白雪:(抓着他的衣服,祈求)My dear hunter. Don’t kill me. I will run far away. OK?
猎人:(心软了)Ok. Run away,  run,run,my poor child.(给她指了方向)
白雪:Thank you, my dear hunter.(转身跑开)
旁白:At this time, a young bear was running by. The hunter shot it and took the heart back..
Snow White began to run into the forest until it was evening. She saw a little house.
白雪:Oh, my God!  How tired I am! (跑的好累,突然发现了一个房子,走了进去)
Ah, here is a house, there are seven small beds. Oh, how I want to sleep!(躺下睡了)
旁白:When it was dark, the owners of the house came back. They were seven dwarfs.
They were looking for gold in the mountain.
①老学究:Look, the lamp in our house is on! (咱屋的灯亮着!)
②开心果:Who is it? (谁在里面啊?)
③喷嚏精:Maybe it’s the ghost!(鬼啊!!!!)
④瞌睡虫:Let’s go into our house (咱们进去看看!).
⑤害羞鬼:Oh, someone has cleaned our house.(惊奇地发现房子被人打扫过了!)
⑥老顽固:Maybe it’s the witch.(是巫婆啊!!!!)
⑦爱生气:Be quiet! (手拿灯光,带领大家一起向前看,他们都轻轻地惊叫起来)
1.老学究:What a lovely child!(好可爱的姑娘呀!)
2.开心果:How beautiful! (真漂亮!)
3.喷嚏精:Who is she? (这是谁呀? 想上前看看)
4.瞌睡虫:Don’t wake her up. (阻止喷嚏精,摆手)
5.害羞鬼:Why is she coming here? (问老顽固)
6.老顽固:Kill her.(把手放在脖子上,杀人装)(正当他们讨论的时候,白雪醒了)
白雪:  ( 伸伸懒腰 ) What a nice sleep! (看到小矮人都盯着自己看,吓了一跳)
Oh, who are you? (微笑)Oh, I know. You are (用手一个个点小矮人的鼻子,小矮人故意往前凑,希望白雪公主点他的鼻子)one two three….seven dwarfs.
七矮人:(一起回答) Yes, But why are you in our house? 
白雪:  The queen wants to kill me.(委屈,可怜) So I ran to your house.
Don’t drive me away. (摆双手)  Let me stay with you. (右手先放胸前再指向大家)
老学究:If you look after our house. (推推眼镜,指着整个房间)
开心果:If you do some cooking for us.(颠锅做饭动作)
喷嚏精:If you make the beds for us.(拉起床单抖一抖)
瞌睡虫:If you do some washing. (做洗衣动作)
害羞鬼:But you must be careful. (扭扭捏捏尖声细语害羞状)
老顽固:Don’t go out, or your stepmother will find you and kill you!(手抹脖子,作恐吓状)
白雪:  I know. I know. Thank you.(一手拎裙,一手放胸前,不断点头,温文尔雅,)
旁白: From then on, Snow White kept the house.
On the other hand, when the bad queen ate the heart, she took out the mirror and asked.
皇后: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful?
魔镜: You are beautiful. But Snow White is still alive .No one is more beautiful than her.
皇后: What? Snow White is not dead?…(惊讶,生气,猛得站起来!
但转念又有了个主意)…Haha, I got a good idea.
旁白:The queen made a poisonous apple and dressed herself like an old woman. She came to the house .
皇后:Good things to sell. Pretty apples to sell. Cheap. Very cheap.
白雪:Hi, good day, my grandmother!
皇后:Apples. Very delicious apples! Could you have a taste?(拿了个苹果诱惑她)
白雪:OK! Thank you! ( 咬了一小口,死翘翘了 )
皇后:Hahaha….Now I’m the most beautiful in the world.(高兴地退场)
旁白:When the seven dwarfs came from work. They were surprised to see Snow White dead
老学究:What’s the matter?
开心果:Snow White is dead.
爱生气:Oh, my God! Who did it?
老顽固:It must be the bad queen. (小矮人们一起哭着拣一些花放在白雪身上)
旁白:  Although Snow White had been dead for a long time. She looked as if she was living.
One day, it happened a prince came to the house.
When he saw Snow White, he fell in love with her.
王子: (拉着白雪的手,对小矮人们说) Please, let me have Snow White. I want her to be my wife.
喷嚏精:Ok! Carry Snow White to your palace. Be kind to her, please.
王子: ( 郑重承诺 )Yes, I will. I will love her forever!( 吻白雪手)
旁白:As soon as the prince kissed Snow White, Snow White came to her life(惊喜的语气)
白雪:Oh, my God! Where am I? What happened?
王子:You are with me, my dear. (看到她活了,激动地拉着白雪的手深情的说)
I love you. I love you more than everything in the world.
Please be my queen, (单腿跪地,仰望白雪)will you?
白雪:Yes, I will, my dear! (高兴,幸福)
七矮人: Hooray!(所有人开始鼓掌,并唱婚礼进行曲)
旁白:The prince took Snow White to the palace.
七矮人:Goodbye! Wish you Happy Forever!  
白雪and 王子:Thank you !Byebye!




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